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Food Share of Lincoln County is the satellite partner (through Oregon Food Bank) for the delivery of the nationwide Cooking Matters program in Lincoln County.  Cooking Matters is a free 2-hour, six-week basic cooking and nutrition education class for low-income individuals, families, kids and teens.  Through partnerships with agencies such as Samaritan House, Lincoln County Parole and Probation, Siletz Tribe, OSU Extension Services, Samaritan Health Services, Neighbors for Kids, and others, approximately 500 participants have graduated since the program was implemented in 2011.

Cooking Matters is offered via the following curricula:

Adults: 18-years and older
Families: One parent and one child 8-years or older
Kids: Children 8-years or older
Teens: 12-17 years

Books are provided to each participant that include the recipes and lessons which are tailored to fit the intended audience.  Take-home groceries (in grocery bags) are offered to each participant and/or family in the Adults and Families class to help reinforce what’s learned each week.  A shopping tour is offered in the Adults class to help reinforce shopping on a budget.  Participants are given a $10 gift card to shop for ingredients for an approved recipe.  The participant who comes closest to the $10 without going over can win a small prize.
OSU Extension Services provides a Cooking Matters at the Market tour twice a year at the Newport Farmers market where participants are given $10 to shop for produce and other food items while receiving a tour of the market along with nutrition education.

For more information about Cooking Matters visit the website at the link below:

The following section contains the documents available for download that are required for any Cooking Matters class (see matrix for what’s required for each curriculum):

Course TypeWaiverEnrollmentSurvey’sAttendanceContent Delivery
When:Week 1Week 1Weeks 1 & 6WeeklyClass Close

Enrollment Forms and Surveys:


Survey-Extra Child


Forms Required for all Classes:
Attendance Tracking
Attendance Reconciliation
Content Delivery Feedback
Participant Waiver

Host Site:
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